Corporate Social Responsibilitypunto amarillo - CSR

We are the company of the future, committed to the present, endorsed by the past.

For us, agriculture is a way of life, a commitment to our planet and its conservation.

“We take care of what defines us, because it will be our legacy”

We develop our own strategic sustainability plan to achieve a business model that is 100% respectful of our environmental and social setting.

Our cardinal pointspunto amarillo - CSR


Our connection to the land is ancestral, that's why we defend and promote agrarian culture as a model for sustainable living.


We combine traditional agricultural methods and new technologies, achieving crops under integrated production.


We advocate for labor and social well-being. Emphasizing equality, safety, and training.


We firmly believe in the conservation of our environment. Only by preserving it we will be ensuring our future.

Our footprintpunto amarillo - CSR

We conduct educational visits to our facilities and farms.

We promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle through internal and external awareness campaigns.

We provide comprehensive advice to our farmers on agrosustainability matters.

Our crops follow integrated production practices to make the most of natural resources.

We advocate for returnable and reusable packaging.

40% of our energy comes from renewable sources.

We calculate our carbon footprint to improve it with each campaign.

We establish agreements and collaborations with cultural and sports entities.

We support various charitable causes.

We implement various anti-corruption policies to ensure our processes.

We have equality, anti-harassment, safety, and training plans in place.

huella - CSR

Carbon footprint calculationpunto amarillo - CSR

We recognize the importance of taking on our social and environmental responsibility; that's why we share our commitment to sustainability.

We strive to understand and minimize our environmental footprint, and for that, we have the Carbon Footprint Calculation certificate. This certificate reflects our dedication to proactively measure, control, and reduce our environmental impact.

We embark on the constant search for more sustainable agricultural practices, adopting technologies and methods that minimize our carbon footprint.

ontributes to a greener and healthier future, and we are committed to leading this positive change in our industry.