Our company

A family business
dedicated to the
production of courgettes

Hortofrutícola Las Norias was founded in 1987 as a family business in the town of Las Norias de Daza (Almería), exclusively dedicated to the production and marketing of courgettes, thus achieving a specialization in this field.

This exclusive dedication and the location, in an optimum environment for its production, have made that the production has gone from 6,000 tons per year to around 41,000 at present.

The company has an average workforce of 200 employees and has implemented, both in the central handling and in the field, the most demanding quality systems, such as Global GAP and BRC, thus offering a total guarantee on the quality of its products and services.

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Tons of production per year


Employees on the payroll


Farmers faithful to us


Commercialization of our products in the market.

We adapt to the needs of the client.

We fulfil the standards required by Europe.

We have our own export brands.

The firm commitment to courgettes and the effort made since our creation have allowed us to go from an annual production of 6,000 tons to around 41,000 tons at present.

We ensure supply to our markets from September to June, selling some forty million kilos each season and offering a first-class price/quality ratio.

One hundred percent of our production is destined for export, so that our courgettes are present in most of the European markets.





At Hortofrutícola Las Norias we want to contribute to improve our work environment. This is why we participate in an active way for the social, economic and environmental improvement of it through the following commitments.
Our goal is to remain committed to our environment and to the people who make it possible

> We promote agriculture

We promote the farming culture through school visits to all our facilities, teaching the youngest a traditional and characteristic job sector of our city.

> Sustainable production

We are also aware of the need to maintain our surroundings in the best conditions and that is why our crops have integrated production standards to make the most of nature’s resources and to do this in the most sustainable way.

> Guaranteed quality

We offer our customers a product with guaranteed quality, with the most demanding quality systems and marketing from September until the end of June uninterruptedly.


We rely on advanced technology for the production

Thanks to the numerous advances in this field it is possible to obtain a greater optimization of resources in the crops.
The union of traditional methods and new technologies is one of the keys to the success of Hortofrutícola Las Norias. With these pillars we obtain a higher crop yield both in quality and quantity, without renouncing at any time to good agricultural practices, respecting the environment and health.
Around 300 small and medium-sized courgette producers trust us, which guarantees a constant supply throughout the season, especially in winter.
All of them are specialists for this crop and have perfectly adapted farms that allow an optimal control of fertigation, paying special attention to the care of the land. At Hortofrutícola las Norias we have different types of packaging of the product which allows us to satisfy all the client’s necessities: bulk, film, flow pack and mesh.


We have three different varieties of courgettes on the market, both in shape and flavour.