Courgette is one of the vegetables with lowest calorie content, making it an ideal product for weight loss diets and a perfect ingredient for healthy dishes and recipes.

It features intestinal cleansing and stool-softening properties. Its vitamins are essential for good eyesight, healthy body tissues, proper growth, as well as hormonal and coenzyme development.

It also boosts the immune system and fosters the absorption of iron and calcium.

It is recommended for pregnant women and elderly people because of its high folic acid content.

Sales standards

At Hortofrutícola Las Norias we make all the calibres required by the European market.

In addition to standard packaging, we can adapt to the specific needs of each client according to their specifications.

We also have our own brands, already recognised and established in the market.

G/14 pieces
G/12 pieces

Quality certifications

Hortofrutícola Las Norias implements stringent quality systems — such as Global GAP and BRC — both in the field and in its processing centres. The company thus offers total guarantee over the quality of its products and services.

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