About us

Hortofrutícola Las Norias began in 1987 in the town of El Ejido (Almería), dedicated exclusively to the production and marketing of courgettes.

Our firm commitment to this product and the efforts invested since our inception has allowed us to go from a production of 6,000 tons per year to about 40,000, with a staff of over 250 employees.

We handle our own production, wich ensures full control over every process, both in terms of characteristics and quality control and traceability from the fields to the consumer's doorstep.

This quality police is guarenteed by continuous monitoring of cultivation and packaging processes by the agricultural technical engineers at Hortofrutícola Las Norias.

Control & advice

Hortofrutícola Las Norias has established a rigorous system of control of quality and traceability from the crop to the consumer, which allows us to offer maximum guarantee of our products.

We provide the seed which is best suited for marketing, doing crop controls by our agricultural engineers specialized in courgettes and providing all necessary advice to the producers with the aim to optimize production and increase the profitability of the crops.

The staff at Hortofrutícola Las Norias is aware of what food handling entails, being specialized in the confection and packaging of products with rigorous quality controls, and a training policy for our staff.

Our commitments

Quality assurance
Hortofrutícola Las Norias implements stringent quality systems — such as Global GAP and BRC — both in the field and Read more... in its processing centres. The company thus offers total guarantee over the quality of its products and services. The seamless integration of the production process ensures total traceability. The product we offer our customers boasts a lifetime higher than the market average, ensuring successful shelf life from September to late June without interruption. Less
Social focus
Our optimal working conditions and pleasant working environment are two of the factors that we consider basic to our employees’ performance. Read more... We actively collaborate in labour market integration of immigrants from different areas. And we promote agrarian culture through school visits and handling stations, allowing children to acquire basic knowledge about food and the environment. Less
Environmentally friendly
At Hortofrutícola Las Norias we are aware of the need to preserve our environment. Our crops therefore feature integrated production standards, which results in taking better Read more... advantage of natural resources without any actions that could harm our planet. We also implement strict water use in all our activities. Less
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